A Baby to a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors see babies to help improve spinal function to improve their brain’s ability to process what’s going on in their body and give them the best possible start in life.

Adjustments improve Strength

Do you work out at the gym wanting to get strong? If you do you may be fascinated to know about this study, because the way your spine works actually influences how strong you are.

Beginners Guide to Chiropractic

In this first introductory video we explore what chiropractic is all about, and how it works, then we briefly explore the evidence informed effects of chiropractic care.

Break the Pain Cycle

Did you know that pain is created in your brain to let you know that something is not ok within your body? Feeling pain is good because it is actually helpful and informative.

Cerebellum Function

Did you know that chiropractic spinal adjustments can change the way your cerebellum functions? The cerebellum is known as the ‘little brain’ within your brain.

Chiropractic and Golf

Millimetres in golf can be the difference between winning and losing. That’s one reason professional golfers will do everything they can to help them search for the perfect swing.

Chiropractic and Headaches

Headaches are a sign that something is not right. Your brain will create for you the sensation of pain if it thinks there is something wrong or if there is a potential problem.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Did you know that about 75% of pregnant mums suffer from pain in their back or pelvis while they are pregnant which is why they seek chiropractic care to help them.

Chiropractic and the Jaw

Did you know that the the way your spine works influences the function of your jaw? A research team look at what happens to jaw strength immediately following an adjustment.

Chiropractic Care and Bedwetting

As parents you would have discovered that your child occasionally wet their bed at night, but usually this is something they grow out but for some kids this does not happen.

Chiropractic Care and Colic

Apart from being stressful, colic can be a cost to our society in terms of healthcare resources. The good news is there are some things that you can do to soothe your baby.

Chiropractic Care and Migraines

Did you know that 1 in 6 people in the world experience migraines regularly? The World Health Organisation consider them to be the most debilitating of all neurological disorders.

Chiropractic for Older Adults

Chiropractic care can be great for older adults. Research is showing us that it can really make a difference to your health, function and quality of life as you age.

Chiropractic Helps Posture

Did you know that people who have bad posture usually end up with neck pain or headaches and people with neck pain often have additional breathing problems associated with it.

Chiropractic reduces Falls Risk

As we age our risk of having a fall increases. Falls are the leading cause of injury related hospital admissions and deaths in older people – and it’s becoming a major problem.

Chiropractic Techniques

If you have visited different chiropractors you probably noticed there were some differences. Chiropractors can study and learn many different techniques.

Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic

The cost of care can often factor our decisions about our healthcare. Sometimes people will suffer in pain because the are worried that they just can’t afford the care they need.

Ear Infections in Children

Ear infections that last for a long time are more common in kids who are a little older and these are often called glue ear or otitis media with effusion.

Evidence-Based Practice

Healthcare should be based on research, the experience of your provider, and your wishes and values. You deserve to know the scientific facts about your health care.

Growing Pains

We’ve all heard of growing pains right? But did you know that what we call growing pains aren’t actually associated with growing? They’re not actually growing pains at all.

Handbrake in Your Brain

Does it sometimes feel like you don’t have the strength that you usually have and like someone’s put the handbrake on your muscles? It could be the handbrake in your brain.

High Blood Pressure

If you’re stressed out and/or you are not looking after yourself, a healthier lifestyle and getting your spine checked by a chiropractor can help you function at your best.

Impact of Neck Pain

Did you know that people with neck had poor communication between their neck and their brains which meant that they weren’t as good at controlling their sense of balance.

Improve Muscle Activation

Did you know there is a stack of scientific research that has demonstrated chiropractic care can positively affect many different aspects of health and function?

Keep Your Spine Moving

The ancient Greeks knew that movement and physical exercise was good for your brain. Modern scientists have also shown that it is one of the keys to promoting a healthy brain.

Lower Back Pain

Scientists have worked out that at any one time, over 500,000,000 people are suffering from low back pain and it is now the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Maintenance Care

About half of the patients that visit their chiropractor do so because they want to maintain their health and well-being, This is what we call maintenance care.

Mild Spinal Dysfunction

The research on subclinical pain is showing us is that even just mild recurring spinal problems, even on days you feel no pain, can also alter how your brain functions.

Pain and the Immune System

Research studies have shown that the way you feel pain all depends on what’s going on for you – and most importantly – what you think and feel about the situation.

Pain is Created in Your Brain

Did you know that the scientists now know that the feeling of pain is something your brain decides that you should experience – if it believes that there is a problem?

Pain is our Alarm System

When your brain get particular messages in a specific pattern, it decides for you to make you feel pain to warn you that something might not be right, that you may be in danger.

Reaction Times

How you react to a situation can be really important in many ways from helping to prevent accidents through to reaching your optimal potential on the sporting field.

Safety of Chiropractic Care

Some people think that chiropractic adjustments might be harmful or dangerous. We review the research literature on this topic to see what the science actually says.

Stress Affects your Health

If you have experienced a traumatic event, the experience could have affected your health and well-being as stress impacts your brain in a very specific way.

The Importance of Sleep

The importance of sleep has never been more relevant with technology and our busy lives having a detrimental effect to our sleep time and quality.

The Opioid Epidemic

Did you know that heroin was produced by pharmaceutical companies as an alternative to morphine, because it was causing too many problems with addictions and overdoses.

The Prefrontal Cortex

Scientific studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments can change the brain – the most likely taking place in an area of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex.

Understanding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the second-most common reason people see a doctor and miss work. More than one-third of people with chronic pain become disabled by their pain to some degree.

Visiting a Chiropractor

When you first see a chiropractor, you might wonder how often you need to visit. It depends dependent on your condition and their recommended care plan.

What is that Popping Sound?

If you have been adjusted before by a chiropractor you may have noticed a strange popping sound. Don’t worry – it is just the formation of gas within a joint.

Who sees a Chiropractor?

More and more people are now going to see a chiropractor, but you may be surprised to know exactly why chiropractic care is becoming so much more popular.