Welcome to Chiros Hub

The Reality Check is now Chiros Hub

We’re excited to have finally completed a long journey of upgrading The Reality Check website and content based on member survey responses and ongoing recommendations.

Why has the name changed?

The Reality Check name was based on a book, and we decided that Chiros Hub was a more relevant name to use as the website is a hub for Chiropractors to get resources based on the latest scientific research to help enlighten their patients about the benefits of chiropractic care.

What are these new Silver and Gold Memberships?

They are simply the old Chiropractor and Practice memberships renamed, and more additional content has now been made available to the Practice members (now Gold members) since they pay more.

The Reality Check

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Chiros Hub

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New Websites

Since we built The Reality Check website, we have created an online learning portal called Chiros Academy – for practicing and/or future chiropractors to learn the science of chiropractic. There is also Chiros Hub Learning – a simplified version of Chiros Academy to help chiropractic assistants (and patients) who want to learn more about the benefits of a healthy spine.

Getting Started

Watch the getting started video.

Each time you log in you go directly to it.


Our customer support team is available should you need assistance. If you have any questions, you can email support@chiroshub.com or use the support form, and our team will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you for continuing on our journey to enlightening the world about the science of chiropractic.

We hope that you enjoy the new website.

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