Secrets of the Spine

After your brain, your spine is the most important part of your body. We also know from research studies that spinal function impacts and changes brain function. This video series explores the secrets of the spine.  

The Prefrontal Cortex

Scientific studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments can change the brain – the most likely taking place in an area of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex.

Mild Spinal Dysfunction

The research on subclinical pain is showing us is that even just mild recurring spinal problems, even on days you feel no pain, can also alter how your brain functions.

Cerebellum Function

Did you know that chiropractic spinal adjustments can change the way your cerebellum functions? The cerebellum is known as the ‘little brain’ within your brain.

Keep Your Spine Moving

The ancient Greeks knew that movement and physical exercise was good for your brain. Modern scientists have also shown that it is one of the keys to promoting a healthy brain.