Understanding Pain

We know that pain is created in the brain. Understanding the latest scientific evidence about pain can help you explain to your patients how to retrain their brains from pain using this video series.

Understanding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the second-most common reason people see a doctor and miss work. More than one-third of people with chronic pain become disabled by their pain to some degree.

Pain is our Alarm System

When your brain get particular messages in a specific pattern, it decides for you to make you feel pain to warn you that something might not be right, that you may be in danger.

Impact of Neck Pain

Did you know that people with neck had poor communication between their neck and their brains which meant that they weren’t as good at controlling their sense of balance.

Chiropractic and Headaches

Headaches are a sign that something is not right. Your brain will create for you the sensation of pain if it thinks there is something wrong or if there is a potential problem.

The Opioid Epidemic

Did you know that heroin was produced by pharmaceutical companies as an alternative to morphine, because it was causing too many problems with addictions and overdoses.

Break the Pain Cycle

Did you know that pain is created in your brain to let you know that something is not ok within your body? Feeling pain is good because it is actually helpful and informative.

Lower Back Pain

Scientists have worked out that at any one time, over 500,000,000 people are suffering from low back pain and it is now the leading cause of disability worldwide.