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Central Nervous System and the Immune System

Given the crisis we are facing with the COVID-19 virus, it is important we understand how our body works to defend ourselves during an immune response.

Chiropractic and Bedwetting

Nocturnal enuresis is defined as the involuntary loss of urine at night, in the absence of disease, at an age when a child could be expected to be dry.

Chiropractic and Strokes

About 17 million people around the world suffer from a significant stroke every year. And about 5 million of them experience long term disability.

Chiropractic and the Immune System

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the world, one of the questions many people have asked is ‘what can I do to help boost my immune system’?

Chiropractic Care & High Blood Pressure

When things get too much for us, we sometimes forget to pay enough attention to looking after ourselves and we may eat and drink too much and not do enough exercise.

Chiropractic Care & Reaction Times

How quickly do you react when someone pulls in front of you when you’re driving, or when a ball comes your way on the sporting field? We all react to these day-to-day challenges at different speeds.

Chiropractic Care and Breastfeeding

It is recommended that babies should be exclusively breastfed until they are about six months of age, but only about 1% of mothers continue to breastfeed.

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

When deciding whether they should see a chiropractor, pregnant mums often ask “is it safe to be adjusted by the chiropractor when I’m pregnant?”

Chiropractic Care for Babies with Colic

In one study researchers showed that babies who received chiropractic care cried significantly less than those who did not receive care.

Chiropractic Care for Children and Babies

The research evidence is clear that when a thorough history and exam is taken and appropriate techniques chosen, chiropractic care is very safe for children and babies.

Effects of an Adjustment

100 years on from the first chiropractic adjustment, we know much more about how the brain and the rest of the central nervous system functions

Evidence-Based Chiropractic

Modern healthcare should be based on a combination of relevant current research, the clinical experience of your healthcare provider, and your wishes and values.

Explaining Lower Back Pain

Back pain guidelines recommend seeing a chiropractor or other form of healthcare before medications such as relaxants or opioid based pain relief.

Golf and Chiropractic Care

Professional golfers will do everything they can to help them in their search for the perfect swing. About three-quarters of professional golfers receive regular chiropractic care to help them play at their peak potential.


Headaches, like any pain in your body, are a sign that something is not quite right. Your brain will create for you the sensation of pain if it thinks there is something wrong.

Healthy Ageing

Healthy ageing focuses on maintaining mental and physical health and avoiding disease so that you can maintain independence and quality of life.

Heart Rate Variability

Your nervous system will increase or decrease your heart rate based on the needs of your body, and this is called heart rate variability.

How often should you visit a Chiropractor?

When you first see your chiropractor, you may be among the many people who ask, “how often do I need to come?”

Invest in your Health

Cost can be a factor when making decisions about healthcare. Researchers have been looking at what the most cost-effective healthcare options are for people with back and neck pain.

Is there a handbrake in your Brain?

It is possible that chiropractic care is releasing the handbrake to your muscles, making it easier for your brain to move your muscles and produce more strength.

Keep Moving

Scientists now know that it’s not just physical exercise that’s important for your brain, but how your spine moves is also very important for keeping your brain healthy.


Did you know that 1 in 6 people in the world experience migraines regularly? The World Health Organisation consider them to be the most debilitating of all neurological disorders.

Neck Pain

Up to half the world’s population suffers from neck pain at some stage. For some, one big problem is that it just keeps coming back, or becomes chronic.

Pain is Created in the Brain

Sometimes pain persists long after tissue damage has actually healed. When pain persists for more than three months we call this chronic pain.

Safety of Chiropractic

Despite studies showing how rare adverse events are with chiropractic care, there are still people worried that an adjustment could cause a stroke.

The Opioid Epidemic

Modern-day opioid drugs are similar to slow-release heroin – they are highly addictive, and associated with major withdrawal symptoms, and they kill thousands of people every single year.

What are Growing Pains?

We know very little about growing pains apart from some children get sore arms or legs at the end of the day and usually wake up feeling better.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain that has persisted for more than 3 months is no longer protective, nor informative. So, what is chronic pain and what can you do about it?

What is Maintenance Care?

Did you know that almost 50% of chiropractic patients go to see their chiropractor because they simply want to maintain their health and well-being!

What is that Popping Sound?

If you have been adjusted before by a chiropractor you may have noticed a popping sound that may seem a little strange, so what actually is it?